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The Painless Approach to Weightloss

There is no question that exercise and diet together are the weightloss solution. However, following such a strict regimen of onerous exercise and restricting onesself to foods and portions to which one is unaccustomed and which tend to be unsatisfying and even unpleasant, render the straighforward solution somewhat unrealistic and a successful outcome, unlikely. However, there are some major weightloss strides on can make with very little conscious effort. This is our goal.

Surpisingly Accidental Weightloss

With some simple substitutions, it is possible to derail one's gluttonous predilections almost unconsciously and then to discover significant improvement in just a few days and weeks. This first few pounds are easily shed using these techniques and, after seeing a significant result to one's efforts, one may, through such encouragement, decide that more conscious effors are worthwhile, making further progress possible.

Curbing the Need to Snack by Substituting

Simply put, the habits we have acquired over time take time to change. Don't try to change everything at once -- first we'll make minor changes in what we eat and then, perhaps much later on, after seeing and appreciating the progress made, we will attack when we eat and how much.

First Step: Sugar

Sugar is both toxic and fattening, thus, reducing sugar intake will not only help reduce calories and promote weightloss, one starts to feel better. There are a number of sugar substitutes available but most have been demonstrated to be potentially unhealthy -- though probably not quite as egregiously so as refined sugar. The sugar substitute we have had the most success with is a natural herbal substance, used for centuries called Stevia, see the Stevia Page. Stevia is a potent, non caloric sweetener which can be substituted for sugar in many cases. Having a sweet snack substitute handy and in the front of the fridge can eliminate much of one's cravings between meals -- even making the elimination of meals possible. Unfortunately, Stevia alone, has a slightly different type of sweetness than that of sugar. It also, when used alone, by not affecting the body's blood suger, tends not to assuage the appetite. This can be easily remedied by mixing just a bit of real sugar (or preferrably, honey, maple sugar, or brown sugar) with the stevia. The result is a reduction of sugar intake down to a tiny fraction of normal, and a drink, cake, or candy that is virtually indistinguishable from its calorific counterpart.

Sugar Sidestepping Suggestions

One teaspoon of sugar, mixed with 1/10 of a teaspoon of Stevia, yields a combination that has the sweetness of 15-20 teaspoons of sugar, and whose taste is indistinguishable from sugar. Unlike other sugar substitutes, Stevia remains stable under both hot and cold conditions. Hot drinks, cold drinks, cookies, even pastries, when made with Stevia may be placed about the house wherever they are likely to distract one from one's usual calorific snacks. Health snacks such as fruit and vegetableas are also ideal, but we are being realistic here.

Appetite Reduction

Can snacking serve as appetite reduction? Of course it can, but only if one refuses to eat a meal when not hungry. Filling up on snacks and then eating a full meal is probably one of the clearest and most common paths to obesity. One alternative is to use meals simply to supply minimal and correct nutrition, and when one has already curbed one's appetite with low-calorie snacks, such health, minimal meals can become entirely adequate.

Age Old Appetite Reduction Herb

Desert Burn HoodiaDesert Burn Hoodia

One natural herbal supplement that has been used for appetite reduction for centuries is Hoodia, see the Hoodia Page. A succulent used by the aboriginal peoples of the deserts of South Africa and Namibia, Hoodia has been the subject of a number of documentaries and is now being marketed as an appetite supressant. Unfortunately, there are a number of products claiming to be Hoodia which use other filler ingredients. Which products are best is treated at length on the Hoodia Page.

Note: This site's content is not intended as medical advice. Consult your health practitioner before using this or any product. Many physicians, but by no means all, are genuinely interested in the health of their patients, however, few venture beyond the confines of the pecuniarily skewed pharmaceutical paradigm. Seek out a health practitioner with insight and circumspection.